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The Ig levels and antibody repertoire diversification in fetal piglets infected with an attenuated Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV) were measured. Serum Ig levels were greatly elevated in PRRSV-infected fetuses; IgG was elevated >50-fold, IgM>5-15-fold and IgA>2-fold compared to control fetuses. Their IgM to IgG to IgA profile was(More)
The epitheliochorial placenta of swine is considered a barrier to Ag and selective transport of IgG, so this species should be an excellent model with which to determine whether switch recombination is Ag dependent. Analysis of Ig levels and Ig isotype profiles in >150 normal and virus-infected fetuses from 38-110 days of gestation (DG) suggested that IgG,(More)
Since fetal serum Ig isotype profiles suggested that IgG and IgA could be of de novo origin, we studied their transcription and secretion. IgM transcripts were present at 50 days of gestation in major fetal lymphoid tissues, IgG and IgA transcription was pronounced at 60 days in fetal thymus and both transcription and secretion in this organ increased in(More)
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