K. L. Hsieh

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Primary melanoma of the central nervous system is a rare melanocytic tumor typically located in the leptomeninges. We report a 57-year-old woman with an intracranial leptomeningeal melanoma who presented with myoclonic seizures. Brain CT scan and MRI revealed a hemorrhagic intracranial tumor. The tumor was completely removed and leptomeningeal melanoma was(More)
BACKGROUND Absence seizures are a subtype of epileptic seizures clinically characterized by transient alterations in states of consciousness and by electroencephalography indicating diffuse spike-wave discharges (SWD). Conventional brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is not routinely used to establish the diagnosis, but rather to rule out other diseases.(More)
BACKGROUND Tumors with epicenter in the thalamus occur in about 4 % of pediatric brain tumors. The histological diagnosis is mainly gliomas. Among them, low-grade glioma (LGG) constituted of a significant entity of the tumors (Cuccia et al., Childs Nerv Syst 13:514-521, 1997; Puget et al., J Neurosurg 106:354-362, 2007; Bernstein et al., J Neurosurg(More)
This thesis is an autoethnography of an elementary art teacher who has transitioned from a traditional, teacher-led curriculum to a choice-based model where more freedom and responsibilities are given to the students. It is an account of the challenges and obstacles faced during the implementation of a choice-based curriculum and offers possible solutions,(More)
  • Wendy M Sbarra, Wendy Sbarra, Kevin Hsieh, Melanie Davenport, Melody Milbrandt
  • 2015
While I have always loved to go to the art museum I have often found it difficult to convince friends and family to go with me. It seems to be a particularly daunting task for visitors with disabilities and specifi-­‐ cally those with vision impairments. This study surveys the accessibility of the programming for visitors with visual impairments at 25 art(More)
  • Anne Shea, Anne C Shea, Kevin Hsieh, Melanie Davenport, Melody Milbrandt
  • 2015
This study focused on the integration of book arts in a fifth grade classroom. As an art teacher turned regular education teacher I was interested in the effects of integrating art into the area of reading. The curriculum unit consists of two lessons in which the students were invited to use books arts as a means of expression and comprehension. The lessons(More)
This study concerns the use of character education practices in schools and how these practices can be integrated into the art education curriculum to benefit students from urban high-poverty backgrounds. I conducted a document analysis of research in character education referring to methods of integrating character education skills into classroom practice.(More)
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