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This summary of adverse reactions to rifampicin has been prepared with the intention that it will be made available to all those involved in the administration of rifampicin in tuberculosis and leprosy control programmes. The reactions covered comprise those to both daily and intermittent administration, namely cutaneous and gastrointestinal reactions,(More)
Acute respiratory infections (ARI) constitute one of the principal causes of morbidity and mortality in many countries. Data from 88 countries in five continents, with a total population of nearly 1200 million, showed that deaths due to ARI in 1972 amounted to 666 000. Pneumonia, both viral and bacterial, accounted for 75.5% of the total deaths from ARI.(More)
This is a selective review, which, after recalling some immunological aspects, analyses the present knowledge on the protective efficacy of BCG vaccination, the vaccination reactions and complications that may be observed, and current methods of vaccine production and control. As regards the application of BCG vaccination, particular attention is given to(More)
BCG vaccination has been applied on an increasing scale during the last few decades. This vaccination is now being applied to the newborn despite the fact that there is little direct evidence concerning the degree of protection afforded to very young infants. This discussion reviews the evidence that is available regarding vaccination of the newborn from(More)
In tropical countries, where there is generally a high prevalence of non-specific sensitivity, the tuberculin test is inadequate for detecting tuberculosis infection. A method is proposed by which the prevalence of infection in the population can be determined under such circumstances thus making possible meaningful epidemiological surveillance of the(More)