K L Greene

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GA mismatches in DNA have drawn attention because of their special repair mechanisms, stability, and variety of conformations. A symmetric 10-base oligodeoxyribonucleotide duplex, d(CCATGAATGG)2, containing two GA mismatches has been investigated by one- and two-dimensional multinuclear NMR and molecular refinement procedures to ascertain the conformational(More)
Recent advances in assay technology have led to major improvements in how HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies are measured. A luciferase reporter gene assay performed in TZM-bl (JC53bl-13) cells has been optimized and validated. Because this assay has been adopted by multiple laboratories worldwide, an external proficiency testing program was developed to ensure(More)
We have previously synthesized a 2,5-diphenylfuranamidine dication (4) and presented evidence that this compound binds to AT sequences in DNA by a minor-groove interaction mode but binds to GC sequences by intercalation (1,2). To probe these sequence-dependent binding modes in more detail, and particularly to obtain additional evidence for the binding mode(More)
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