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Recovery and persistence of stuttering were examined in the first-degree relatives of a large group of adult persistent stutters. The percentage of recovered individuals reported in these families supports the hypothesis that recovered and persistent stuttering are not independent disorders. Sex and type of relative were significant variables in the(More)
Analyses of birth rank, age separation, and the frequency of stutterers in birth ranks before and after the proband were undertaken for the purpose of verifying or disproving conjectures made by other authors on possible relationships between family structures and stuttering. Results based on data drawn from over 300 sibships, showed (a) stutterers were(More)
Time of language onset and frequencies of speech and language problems were examined in stutterers and their nonstuttering siblings. These families were grouped according to six characteristics of the index stutterer: sex, recovery or persistence of stuttering, and positive or negative family history of stuttering. Stutterers and their nonstuttering(More)
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