K L Gladstien

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Recovery and persistence of stuttering were examined in the first-degree relatives of a large group of adult persistent stutters. The percentage of recovered individuals reported in these families supports the hypothesis that recovered and persistent stuttering are not independent disorders. Sex and type of relative were significant variables in the(More)
We derive the conditional probabilities for estimating the sex ratio in families ascertained through affected males for the study of X-linked recessive diseases. These conditional probabilities correct for the fact that the probability that a family will be ascertained increases with the number of males in the family. Data from four published studies for(More)
An easy-to-compute statistic for estimating the ascertainment probability is proposed. This statistic is determined through the use of the maximum-likelihood principle and, therefore, in addition to being easy to compute, has the desirable properties of a maximum-likelihood statistic. Variance tables are given to facilitate computation of the estimate and(More)