K. Kwok

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Searching for target images in large volume imagery is a challenging problem and the rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) triage is potentially a promising solution to the problem. RSVP triage is essentially a cortically-coupled computer vision technique that relies on single-trial detection of event-related potentials (ERP). In RSVP triage, images are(More)
A series of twelve XX males and their relatives have been examined by Southern blot analysis with fourteen different Y recombinants. The pattern of Y sequences present shows considerable variation between XX males. Furthermore, on the basis of the terminal transfer model, anomalous patterns of Y sequences are evident in certain XX males in that sequences(More)
A series of Y recombinants have been isolated from Y-specific DNA libraries and regionally located on the Y chromosome using a Y deletion panel constructed from individuals carrying structural abnormalities of the Y chromosome. Of twenty recombinants examined twelve have been assigned to Yp and eight to Yq. Five of the Yp recombinants map between Yp11.2 and(More)
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