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In Ciphertext Policy Attribute based Encryption scheme, the encryptor can fix the policy, who can decrypt the encrypted message. The policy can be formed with the help of attributes. In CP-ABE, access policy is sent along with the ciphertext. We propose a method in which the access policy need not be sent along with the ciphertext, by which we are able to(More)
In this paper, A New Image Compression Algorithm Using Haar Wavelet Transformation is proposed. The proposed 8x8 transform matrix can be obtained by appropriately inserting some 0's and 1/2's in to the Haar Wavelet. The basis of the proposed Haar Wavelet algorithm is based on integers, and made sufficiently sparse orthogonal transform matrix. A Haar Wavelet(More)
An encryption scheme provides security against illegal duplication and manipulation of multimedia contents especially to digital images. In this paper a novel optimized partial image encryption scheme based on Particle swarm optimization and the Daubechies4 transform is developed which provide solutions to the issues such as statistical attacks and(More)
— Rapid increase in population increased the usage of digital components dramatically and their production. For profitable income, the cost of the finished product and time taken for marketing the product needs to be reduced. In this paper, the authors conducted extensive survey of methods developed earlier to detect faults and minimize test set in digital(More)
In this paper a new solution is proposed for testing simple stwo stage electronic circuits. It minimizes the number of tests to be performed to determine the genuinity of the circuit. The main idea behind the present research work is to identify the maximum number of indistinguishable faults present in the given circuit and minimize the number of test cases(More)
The field of digital systems has undergone a major revolution in recent decades. Circuits are shrinking in physical size while growing both in speed and range of capabilities. This rapid advancement is not without serious problems, however. Especially worrisome are verification and testing, which become more important as the system complexity increases and(More)