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PURPOSE To reduce uncertainty due to setup error and organ motion during radiotherapy of tumors in or near the lung, by means of real-time tumor tracking and gating of a linear accelerator. METHODS AND MATERIALS The real-time tumor-tracking system consists of four sets of diagnostic X-ray television systems (two of which offer an unobstructed view of the(More)
An unusual nephropathy presumably induced by abnormal lipid metabolism is described in a 57-year-old woman who presented with proteinuria and edema. Histology at renal biopsy was characterized by marked dilatation of capillary lumina. Sudan staining and electron microscopy demonstrated lipid droplets occupying the capillary lumina. The patient had no(More)
Despite a rapid increase in disabled elderly in Japan, the burden of the caregiver has not been properly assessed due to a lack of objective measurements. Our study was aimed at adapting and validating the Zarit Caregiver Burden Interview (ZBI) in Japan, which is one of the most widely used measurements for caregivers' burden in the United States. Sixty-six(More)
A substance capable of promoting tumour cell aggregation was released from rat ascites hepatoma cell (possibly from the cell surface) kept in Hanks' balanced salt solution (free of calcium and magnesium) in the cold, and then partially purified by chromatography with DEAE-Sephadex and gel filtration with Bio-gel. The thermostable substance seemed to be a(More)
From January 1991 to March 2007, 61 children and adolescent with acquired severe aplastic anemia received BMT in our institutions. We retrospectively compared the outcome of 30 cases of matched-sibling donor BMT (MSD-BMT) and 31 cases of unrelated donor BMT (URD-BMT). We observed one graft failure among MSD-BMT recipients and three graft failures among(More)
Changes in the activities of serum cytokines and in acute phase response were observed in dairy cows with naturally occurring coliform mastitis. Seven cows with severe mastitis showed systemic and mammary inflammatory response throughout the observation period, and 11 cows with mild mastitis recovered and were able to be milked within 3 days of onset of(More)
The time for solubilization of the bovine zona pellucida in a hypotonic buffer containing 5% (v/v) beta-mercaptoethanol and 7 mol urea l-1 increased by 10% after fertilization. Coupling with a specific fluorescent thiol probe, monobromobimane (mBBr), was markedly greater in the zona pellucida of ovarian eggs compared with fertilized eggs, indicating that(More)
Lipoprotein glomerulopathy is a disease characterized by intraglomerular lipoprotein thrombi and abnormal lipid metabolism similar to type III hyperlipoproteinemia. Recently, glomerular lesions compatible with lipoprotein glomerulopathy were found in a 38-year-old man. In this case, plasma apolipoprotein (apo) E level was elevated, and the apo E isoform was(More)
The biological basis for the therapeutic mechanisms of depression is still unknown. We have previously performed expressed-sequence tag (EST) analysis to identify some molecular machinery responsible for antidepressant effect. Then, we developed our original cDNA microarray, on which cDNA fragments identified as antidepressant-related genes/ESTs were(More)
A new specific RIA for alpha-human atrial natriuretic hormone (alpha hANP) was used to determine whether changes in plasma volume elicited by acute water loading, hypertonic saline infusion, and furosemide administration caused changes in ANP release and resultant changes in renal and cardiovascular function in normal subjects. In addition, changes in(More)