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Stimulation of insulin release by glucose requires increased metabolism of glucose and a rise in cytosolic free Ca2+ in the pancreatic beta-cell. It is accompanied by increases in respiratory rate, pyridine and flavin nucleotide reduction state, intracellular pH and the ATP/ADP ratio. To test alternative proposals of the regulatory relationships among free(More)
Insulin secretion from glucose-stimulated pancreatic beta-cells is oscillatory, and this is thought to result from oscillations in glucose metabolism. One of the primary metabolic stimulus-secretion coupling factors is the ATP/ADP ratio, which can oscillate as a result of oscillations in glycolysis. Using a novel multiwell culture plate system, we examined(More)
Seed dormancy and slow seedling development often limit establishment of warm-season grass stands. Establishment of seedlings with two solid matrix seed priming (SMP) treatments [2-d moistened (17°C) and 14-d wet-chill (4"C)I was compared with untreated seed of 'Kaw' and 'Pawnee' big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii Vitman) and 'Pathfinder' and 'Cave-in-Rock'(More)
The rights of a human being constitute the deepest basis of social obligations towards a suffering person. A list of these rights, apart from the basic right to live, enumerates many ithers. For a suffering person the most important ones are: the right to social welfare, protection against suffering, spiritual development. In John Paul IIs social teaching(More)
Analysis was subjected on 3528 cesarean sections made in I Obstetric and Gynecology Clinic Academy of Medicine in Bytom between 1977-1992. At the drop in general number of deliveries there were noticed upward tendencies in percentage of cesarean sections but during last two years this increase was inhibited. The ratio of sudden and planned indications(More)
In the study shows case of acute porphyria in 27 year old women, admitted to hospital with suspicion of rupture extrauterine pregnancy. We shows difficulties in diagnosis associated with polysymptomatology of signs. Authors considered, that urines getting dark trial could improve process of reaching the diagnosis of porphyria, which could often protected(More)