K. Krishna Kumar

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DNA-binding proteins (DNABPs) are important for various cellular processes, such as transcriptional regulation, recombination, replication, repair, and DNA modification. So far various bioinformatics and machine learning techniques have been applied for identification of DNA-binding proteins from protein structure. Only few methods are available for the(More)
Identification of catalytic residues can provide valuable insights into protein function. With the increasing number of protein 3D structures having been solved by X-ray crystallography and NMR techniques, it is highly desirable to develop an efficient method to identify their catalytic sites. In this paper, we present an SVM method for the identification(More)
Lac insects are exploited for their products of commerce, viz. resin, dye and wax. Cultivation of lac not only provides livelihood to millions of lac growers, but also helps in conserving vast stretches of forests and biodiversity associated with lac insect complex. The lac ecosystem is a complex multi-trophic web of flora and fauna; of the 87 species(More)
Identification and Classification of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) using protein sequences is an important computational challenge, given that experimental screening of thousands of ligands is an expensive proposition. There are two distinct but complementary approaches to GPCR classification --machine learning and sequence motif analysis. Machine(More)
A simple, easy to implement algorithm for traffic sign detection based on thresholding, blob detection and template matching has been discussed in this paper. A small portion of theoretical background is also presented about each of the processes used. The result of each process is shown step by step for a sample test image and is discussed in the results(More)
The errors caused in the wireless communication channel are very important to identify and rectify. Viterbi Decoder is very commonly implemented technique among the various error detection and correction (EDAC) techniques. A high data-rate convolutional code suffers from decrease in the performance of bit-error-rate due to inherent drifting error between(More)
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