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N. Ohsawa1
H. Mizoguchi1
1N. Ohsawa
1H. Mizoguchi
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IN ACUTE leukaemia, mature granulo-cytes are usually reduced in peripheral blood and bone marrow. In such cases it could be considered that normal haemopoietic stem cells are merely replaced by leukaemic cells in haemopoietic organs or that normal haemopoietic stem cells are suppressed by leukaemic cells through such mechanisms as cell-to-cell interaction,(More)
Production of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor(s) (GM-CSF) by human tumours was investigated using heterotransplantation of a number of different tumours in nude mice. An increase in granulocyte numbers (> 20,000/mm3) in the peripheral blood of nude mice accompanied the growth of 9 of the 25 transplanted tumours. GM-CSF activity tested(More)
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