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A high-speed SiGe:C HBT technology is presented that combines a new extrinsic base construction with a low-resistance collector design to simultaneously minimize base and collector resistances and base-collector capacitance. A ring oscillator delay of 3.6 ps per stage was achieved. To our knowledge, this is the shortest gate delay reported to date for a(More)
We demonstrate an extremely simple, flexible, and hence low-cost SiGe:C BiCMOS process with ample performance for the majority of high volume applications. This technology offers three HBT devices with f/sub T//BV/sub CEO/ values of 28 GHz/67 GHz/7.5 V; 52 GHz/98 GHz/3.8 V; and 75 GHz/ 90 GHz/2.4 V by adding only one mask to the underlying CMOS process.
This work reports on a 130 nm BiCMOS technology with high-speed SiGe:C HBTs featuring a transit frequency of 255 GHz and a maximum oscillation frequency of 315 GHz at an emitter area of 0.17 x 0.53 mum<sup>2</sup>. A minimum gate delay of 3.0 ps was achieved for CML ring oscillators. Breakdown voltages of the HBTs are measured to be BV<sub>CEO</sub>=1.8 V,(More)
The authors demonstrate a low-cost, high-performance, high-voltage complementary SiGe:C BiCMOS process. This technology offers three npn SiGe:C devices with f<sub>T</sub>/BV<sub>CEO</sub> values of 40GHz/5V, 63GHz/3.5V, and 120GHz/2.1V together with a 32GHz f<sub>T</sub>/35GHz f <sub>max</sub>/ 4.4V pnp SiGe:C HBT by adding only three bipolar masks to the(More)
High performance HBTs with f/sub T/, f/sub max/ and BV/sub CEO/ values of 100 GHz, 130 GHz, and 2.5 V, respectively, are demonstrated in a 0.25 /spl mu/m BiCMOS technology without epitaxially-buried subcollector, and deep trench isolation. High voltage devices with BV/sub CEO/ values of up to 9 V and BV/sub CEO/ /spl times/ f/sub T/ products above 220 VGHz(More)
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