K. Kokula Krishna Hari

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Adhoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes dynamically forming a temporary network without the use of existing network infrastructure or centralized administration. Each node acts as a router by itself and forwards all the packets which it receives. There is a frequent link failure in adhoc Networks, which causes packet to be lost or packets(More)
The traditional TCP assumes that all packet losses result from the congestion even in networks with high bit error rates (BER), and this causes a significant performance degradation. In this paper, we propose a novel end-to-end congestion control mechanism called TCP VenoDB, which joins the relative delay and bandwidth estimation together as a judgment(More)
In 802.11 based wireless networks, the mobile nodes (MN) are associated with the available Access Points (APs) and communicate through them. In conventional handoff schemes, the mobile nodes receives the information regarding active APs in their neighbourhood by scanning the available channels and listen to transmitted beacons. In this paper a new handoff(More)
There has been an enormous increase of the usability of the Social Network websites. Similarly the online purchase has amplified many folds. This paper deals with the proposal of integrating the effectiveness of Social websites along with the e-commerce portals. By this way, the social network site and e-commerce site provide a collective platform for(More)
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