K. Kodama

O. Doi2
M. Higashiyama2
H. Yokouchi2
R. Tateishi2
K. U. Karinje1
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Expression of alpha-1-antitrypsin (AAT) in tumour cells of 102 surgically resected lung adenocarcinomas was examined by immunohistochemical method using anti-AAT antiserum. While only 13 cases (13%) were negative for AAT expression, 89 cases (87%) contained AAT at varying degrees. The degree of AAT-positive tumour cells was significantly higher in advanced(More)
Levels of nm23 gene product/nucleoside diphosphate kinase (NDP kinase) expression have been demonstrated to correlate inversely with metastatic potential in several tumours, indicating that this could be a useful tool as a prognostic indicator. Using an antibody to NDP kinase, levels of nm23 gene product/NDP kinase expression in pulmonary adenocarcinoma(More)
Seasame oil is the most stable vegetable oil against oxidation. It has been revealed that the oxidative stability of seasame oil is due to the lignans such as sesamole, sesamilinol, pynoresional, sesaminol, etc., contained in it. Sesamol is obtained by the hydroxylation of sesamolin. The reaction is hydroxylation which is generally promoted by acid and(More)
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