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Semimicro to macro amounts of fluoride ion (0.4-100 mg) are determined rapidly and accurately by precipitation with an excess of lanthanum at pH 2.5-2.8 by digestion on a water-bath, cooling to room temperature, addition of excess of EDTA and back-titration of the excess with zinc solution to the Xylenol Orange end-point at ph 5.8-5..9. Large amounts of(More)
Atmospheric ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) has been widely used for elemental analysis because of its excellent excitation/ionization ability. In recent years, target of elemental analysis has shifted to smaller amount samples such as nano-particles and bio-cells. However, conventional ICP source consumes too large amount of plasma gas and sample(More)
Magnetic and local structures in an antiperovskite system, Mn3Cu1−xGexN, with a giant negative thermal expansion have been studied by neutron powder diffraction measurement. We discuss (1) an importance of an averaged cubic crystal structure and a Γ antiferromagnetic spin structure for the large magneto-volume effect (MVE) in this itinerant electron system,(More)
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