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To accomplish control tasks, an emerging innovative method of automation is voice control. In conjunction with Lab VIEW [1] and Windows Speech recognition [2], the two most human interactive activities; drawing of curtains and switching on and off of lights are controlled. This will help in improving living standard by making living easier for elderly(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new 144-bit cryptographic algorithm .This is done using a 16-segment electronic display and arranging the bits in a rectangular matrix and then converting it into nearest square matrix with the addition of dummy bits and rearranging the individual bits by a newly proposed mathematical approach. Reference Ronald L. Rivest: The(More)
Large online libraries are now common across the Web. However these libraries are usually fragmented and are not semantically connected thereby making their search and access difficult. Also there are no large bibliographic Linked Open Datasets available for use in research and analytics. This paper shows how to create a large, comprehensive, RDF triple(More)
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