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Significant reductions in the fluid structure interaction regulated transfer of impulse occur when sandwich panels with thin (light) front faces are impulsively loaded in water. A combined experimental and computational simulation approach has been used to investigate this phenomenon during the compression of honeycomb core sandwich panels. Square cell(More)
An investigation, including environmental sampling, was undertaken after four leukaemic patients on the same hospital ward developed serious infections with Klebsiella aerogenes, capsular type K14. The source of this organism, common to all four patients, was found to be a food blender used for preparing milk-based drinks on the ward.
A chronic Haemophilus aphrophilus pulmonary infection associated with the formation of intra-abdominal abscesses in a previously healthy 38-year-old man is described. Other reports have related the isolation of H. aphrophilus to underlying malignant disease or, when the cause of endocarditis, to pre-existing valvular disease. The underlying condition, if(More)
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