K. Kerem Oktem

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In this paper, the developed FFT based interferometric direction finding of wideband radar threats for electronic support (ES) and electronic intelligence (ELINT) is presented. Using this method, target radar signal is separated from other radar signals using FFT. Phases of extracted radar signals for two or more channels are calculated. Angle of arrival of(More)
In this work, a new method recently proposed in the literature is investigated in terms of usability of generating radar clutter samples on FPGA. By using this method, clutter distribution and power spectrum density can be controlled independently and samples with desired characteristics can be obtained much easily. The usage of related method for(More)
In this work, we have presented a real-time FPGA based electronic support measure processor detecting and identifying the signals in downconverted intermediate frequency band. The design is based on taking short time Fourier transform of the incoming signal to obtain a two dimensional gray scale image. The image is then binarized by using an adaptive(More)
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