K Kenneth Caswell

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A major challenge in nanoscience and nanotechnology is the rational assembly of nanoscale objects. Here we report that gold nanorods, aspect ratio 18, can be functionalized with a biotin disulfide, and subsequent addition of streptavidin links the rods together in an end-to-end manner much more often than expected.
Genomic DNA contains many higher-order structural deviations from the Watson-Crick global average. The massive expansion and hypermethylation of the duplex triplet repeat (CCG)(n)(CGG)(n) has characteristic higher-order structures that are associated with the fragile X syndrome. We have used luminescent mineral nanoparticles of protein-sized cadmium sulfide(More)
We employed agarose gel preparative electrophoresis to separate gold nanoparticles based on size, shape, and charge. The separating technique was first demonstrated by size separation of 5 nm, 15 nm, and 20 nm spherical gold nanoclusters; and further evidenced through the purification of crude 15 +/- 2.7 nm nanoclusters to nanoclusters that were 15 +/- 0.4(More)
The Watson-Crick DNA double helix is an averaged ideal of multitudinous natural sequence-directed local structural deviations. By effectively derailing normal cellular physiological processes, damaged bases can induce noncanonical irregularities in the local structure of DNA if not efficiently repaired. Pyrimidine bases, especially thymine, are prone to(More)
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