K. Keith

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Protein kinase activities in bloodstream and procyclic forms of Trypanosoma brucei have been partially purified and characterised. Cytosolic extracts were separated on DEAE-cellulose and assayed for the ability to phosphorylate histone in the presence of Ca2+ and diacylglycerol. Five peaks of activity were identified in bloodstream T. brucei and only three(More)
Autophosphorylation by protein kinases has been implicated as an important control mechanism in signal transduction and growth regulatory pathways in mammalian cells. We have set out to investigate whether any such autophosphorylating protein kinase activities can be found in Trypanosoma brucei. In order to do this, we have developed a system for(More)
In this study we have shown that NHS-biotin and I125-streptavidin can detect cuticular polypeptides of Ostertagia spp. The labelled polypeptide profile of intact nematodes is simple compared to the profile obtained by labelling homogenates. None of the major internal polypeptides are labelled and the subset of proteins labelled in intact nematodes appears(More)
Collaboration is an increasingly important aspect of physics research, particularly for complex and expensive experiments. Large experiments often rely on national or international teams of researchers to optimize goals and to provide greater use of facilities. Availability of high-performance workstations and fast, reliable wide-area networks affords the(More)
timely, accurate and usable information is crucial as transportation and traffic safety engineers maximize public safety by deploying limited resources. combining the intuitive statistical and filtering capabilities of the care application with the visual and spatial processing capabilities of gis produces an effective computational tool to assist the(More)
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