K. Kawahara

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Although the high damping alloy M2052, which has been developed 10 years go, possesses both of very high damping capacity and excellent workability, it has been used only in the field of an audio/video field. If this alloy will be produced by combining high-quality raw material and optimum manufacturing processes, the damping capacity of 0.72 in logarithmic(More)
Toward the orbital demonstration of a solar power satellite (SPS), a breadboard model of the SPS has been developed for preliminary experiments including wireless power transmission. The model forms a thin panel structure with a thickness of 6 cm, and the panel consists of three layers being functionally assigned to a transmission antenna, microwave(More)
A light weight and very high gain radial line slot antenna (RLSA) for space exploration is designed, fabricated and characterized at 32GHz. More than 25000 slots are spirally arranged on the metal top plate with the uniform distribution over the aperture of 900mm diameter. The use of the honeycomb as the spacer in the parallel plate is indispensable because(More)
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