K. Kaur

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Security is the one of the biggest concern in different type of networks. Due to diversify nature of network, security breaching became a common issue in different form of networks. Solutions for network security comes with concepts like cryptography in which distribution of keys have been done. If you want to send data to some other persons through network(More)
In this research paper, additional constrains have been considered to progress a holistic analysis based algorithm based on Max-Min algorithm, which work on principle of sorting jobs(cloudlets) based on completion time of cloudlets. The improved algorithms here also reviews the job characteristics in method of size, pattern, payload ratio and available(More)
  • Sushma Lakshkar, Geet Kalani, Vinod Todwal, Seyed Reza Pakize, Ashwini, Kanawade +22 others
  • 2015
In recent years, there are various sources that generates data in petabyte and terabyte, known as big data and its generated by human, machine, sensor etc. So the solution leds with big data is Apache Hadoop has attracted strong attention because of its applicability on processing for the large data sets. This paper present the review about the big data and(More)
—The use of optical fiber which offers large bandwidth in the telecommunication sector has shown a lot of developments in the last decade mainly in television cables and cell phone cables. But these are not fully efficient and to do this, the fiber should allow multiple access which means allowing various users to send and receive data in the fiber at the(More)
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