K. Kauffmann

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Although meninges represent a major site of biosynthesis, beta-trace protein (beta-trace) has not been studied in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of meningitis patients. We measured beta-trace in lumbar CSF of normal controls (n = 27) and in patients with various neurological diseases (n = 92) by an immunonephelometric assay. The mean concentration of(More)
A new paradigm for oxygen activation is required for enzymes such as methane monooxygenase (MMO), for which catalysis depends on a nonheme diiron center instead of the more familiar Fe-porphyrin cofactor. On the basis of precedents from synthetic diiron complexes, a high-valent Fe2(micro-O)2 diamond core has been proposed as the key oxidizing species for(More)
Bacillus spp. are used for the production of industrial enzymes but are also known to be capable of producing biopolymers such as poly(γ-glutamic acid). Biopolymers increase the viscosity of the fermentation broth, thereby impairing mixing, gas/liquid mass and heat transfer in any bioreactor system. Undesired biopolymer formation has a significant impact on(More)
In this paper we discuss global linear and nonlinear gyrokinetic results concerning effects of finite beta and collisions in tokamak and stellarator turbulence, using particle in cell (PIC) codes. Our approach is based on an adjustable control variate method which drastically reduces the computational resources needed to correctly describe the evolution of(More)
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