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Recent advances in mobile communications and computing and strong interest of the scientific community in the grid have led to research into the mobile grid. Based on a realistic mobile grid architecture we formulate the problem of job scheduling in a mobile environment and investigate key design decisions with respect to fundamental performance metrics. We(More)
In today's urban areas, Wi-Fi appears as the predominant technology for local area wireless connectivity. Driven from their ease of installation and use, as well as their operation in unlicensed spectrum bands, the number of IEEE 802.11 access points (APs) rapidly increases. Considering the above situation, information about APs deployed in(More)
The challenging traits of 5G networks to support novel and diverse business requirements of vertical sectors have rendered current network security approaches impotent. To address various security requirements of 5G networks and services, a holistic and robust security architecture mindful of 5G technical and business features becomes vital. This paper(More)
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