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We describe the main building blocks of a generic automated package for the calculation of Feynman diagrams. These blocks include the generation and creation of a model file, the graph generation, the symbolic calculation at an intermediate level of the Dirac and tensor algebra, implementation of the loop integrals, the generation of the matrix elements or(More)
Automatic calculation of 1-loop diagrams in the electroweak theory with gauge parameter independence checks Abstract A general non-linear gauge condition is implemented into GRACE, an automated system for the calculation of physical processes in high-energy physics. These new gauge-fixing conditions are used as a very efficient means to check the results of(More)
The purpose of this research is visualizing the motion of bones which we can only make diagnoses today by several values. Conventional methods have several problems. The main problem is that it is difficult for everyone to understand clearly by only these values. We use infrared cameras and Point Cluster Technique (PCT), and plot their data on the computer.(More)
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