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Growth habit, heading date and Vrn genotypewere examined for wheat landraces cultivated in China,Korea and Japan, to study their ecogeographicaldifferentiation in east Asia. Spring type landracesaccounted for 43.6% of the whole, and the frequencyvaried between the localities, being closely relatedto the degree of winter coldness. Spring typelandraces mainly(More)
A response in movement of a two-layered water body in Lake Nakaumi to a strong wind, which suddenly rose and continued for 15 h with nearly constant speed and direction, was observed using the current and salinity meters situated at two points in the lake. At the initial stage of water movement, large fluctuations in current velocity in reverse directions(More)
Proinsulin C-peptide is involved in several biological activities. However, the role of C-peptide in vascular smooth muscle cells is unclear. We therefore investigated its effects, in vascular smooth muscle cells in high-glucose conditions. Rat aortic smooth muscle cells were cultured with 5.5 or 20 mmol/l glucose with or without C-peptide (1 to 100 nmol/l)(More)
Racemic 4,4,4-trifluoro-3-(indole-3-)butyric acid (TFIBA) has been synthesized and shown to inhibitAvena coleoptile elongation. (S)-(+)-TFIBA (fig. 1), which was prepared by an enzymatic method and markedly promotes root growth of Chinese cabbage, lettuce and rice plants, is a novel fluorinated plant growth regulator. Activity of the (S)-(+)-enantiomer of(More)
The R120G mutation in the small heat shock protein (sHSP) αB-crystallin has been identified in a family suffering from desmin-related myopathy. In this study, we characterized the features of transiently expressed R120GαB-crystallin in mammalian cells. In addition, we examined interactions of this mutant αB-crystallin with Hsp27, another representative(More)
In women with mild stress incontinence (mean urine loss of 3.7 g/h), pelvic floor training using vaginal cones resulted in a subjective success rate of 70% (19/27), that is complete cure or reduction by >50% of the original severity. However, in women with severe stress incontinence (mean urine loss of 20.7 g/h) cone therapy was successful in only 14%(More)
The effects of the addition of sulfurous acid into culture solution and of cold treatment of the solution were examined to simplify the culture of detached wheat ears. In the simplified method, detached ears could be cultured at room temperature on the liquid medium containing 100 g/l sucrose and 0.075% sulfurous acid without any sterilization. The immature(More)
Light and electron microscopic localization of cathepsin H in rat kidney was studied using post-embedding immunocytochemical techniques. For ligh microscopy, Epon sections of the kidney were stained by immunoenzyme method after removal of Epon and for electron microscopy, ultrathin sections of the Lowicryl K4M-embedded material were labeled by protein(More)
Immunohistochemical localization of cathepsins B, D and L in the osteoclasts of rat alveolar and femoral bones was investigated by using the avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex method for semithin, 1-μm-thick cryosections. Extracellular immunoreactivity for cathepsins B and L was clearly demonstrated along the bone resorption lacunae; the intensity of the(More)