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HIV-associated sensory neuropathy is the most frequent manifestation of HIV disease, afflicting 40-50% of patients whose HIV disease is otherwise controlled by antiretroviral therapy. It often presents with significant neuropathic pain and is consistently associated with previous exposure to nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors including stavudine(More)
VGF (nonacronymic) is a neuropeptide precursor that plays multiple roles in regulation of energy balance, reproduction, hippocampal synaptic plasticity, and pain. Data from a number of pain models showed significant up-regulation of VGF in sensory neurons. TLQP-21, one of the VGF-derived neuropeptides, has been shown to induce a hyperalgesic response when(More)
Survey article based on lectures given by the first author in May 2001 during 4th SIGRAV and SAGP2001 Graduate School. The focus of these lectures is the Gopakumar-Vafa's insight that " Large N dual-ities " (relating gauge theories and closed strings) are realized, in certain cases, by " transition in geometry ". In their pivotal 1998 example, the gauge(More)
Following the sequencing of the human and other genomes, much research effort is now invested in post- genomic science, particularly in the related disciplines of proteomics and metabolomics. In this paper, we will attempt to provide an overview of mass spectrometry-based metabolomic strategies, discuss the evolution of metabolomics from its predecessor,(More)
We consider the problem of extending the semistable reduction theorem of [KKMS] from the case of one-parameter families of varieties to families over a base of arbitrary dimension. Following [KKMS], semistable reduction of such families can be reduced to a problem in the combinatorics of polyhedral complexes [AK]. In this paper we solve it in the case when(More)
A comparison of 4 subsamples with the Ethnic Identity Scale (developed for the present study) yielded 2 relatively independent facets of ethnic identity: ethnic pride and belonging (EP) and ethnic differentiation (ED). First, the distinction between EP and ED increased understanding of how age and immigration status affect changes in ethnic identity. In a(More)
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