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Thick blood films for detection of hematozoa were routinely performed in 953 neonates and their mothers within 12 hours of delivery. Hematozoa were found in 4% of neonates and 13% of mothers. Positive tests were found in 19 neonates born to mothers with negative tests. Mean birth weight was 3,166 g in infected neonates and 3,171 g in uninfected neonates,(More)
A serosurvey of rubella was carried out by haemagglutination inhibition and IgM assay among 106 newborn infants (91% positive); 101 suckling infants aged 9-18 months (32.7% positive); 100 children aged 2-4 (58% positive); and 100 young girls 9-11 (68% positive), while 93% of mothers showed the presence of protective antibodies. These figures indicated that(More)
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