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Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a talented technology that shows great assurance for a variety of ultramodern applications both for mass public and military. The appearance of sensor networks as one of the central technology trends in the coming decades has posed several exclusive challenges to researchers. The key research spotlight has been on making(More)
Now days it's becoming really difficult to extract the desired information on the World Wide Web. Resources on the WWW are continuously increasing therefore its becoming difficult to find the information that satisfies the individual needs of the user. This is because of Information overload. Web search engine helps users to find out the useful information(More)
This paper proposes a new transport protocol designed for large virtualized data centers of the future. The underlying premise of this work is that it is possible to achieve significant added functionality with a new transport layer w/o materially affecting the underlying IP and MAC layers. The paper motivates the need for such a protocol, discusses the(More)
The distributed shared resource system owned by an organization forms a Cloud. These shared resources are accessed through network. Security, reliability and efficient resource utilization are the major challenges. This paper proposes a more secure, reliable and space efficient model for Cloud services, particularly, Infrastructure as a Service. A protocol(More)
This paper examines certain performance issues concerned with the overallocation of bandwidth for ATM signalling links in a common channel signaling (CCS) network. In particular, in several deployment scenarios, a signalling link may be allocated more bandwidth than the capacity of the processors would allow, thereby causing congestion. This study indicates(More)
A Grid is a large-scale, heterogeneous, dynamic collection of independent systems which are geographically distributed and interconnected with high speed networks to meet ever increasing demand of high performance computing. Different strategies have been reported in the literature to discover and allocate resources that are suitable for jobs to achieve(More)