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We report the demonstration of an amplitude-division soft-x-ray interferometer that can be used to generate high-contrast interferograms at the wavelength of any of the saturated soft-x-ray lasers (5.6-46.9 nm) that are available at present. The interferometer, which utilizes grazing-incidence diffraction gratings as beam splitters in a modified(More)
We report what is believed to be the first demonstration of soft-x-ray interferometry of a plasma with a tabletop soft-x-ray laser. A Lloyd's mirror interferometer was used in combination with a very compact lambda = 46.9 nm capillary-discharge-pumped laser to map the electron density in the cathode region of a pinch plasma.
We have used a tabletop soft-x-ray laser and a wave-front division interferometer to probe the plasma of a pinch discharge. A very compact capillary discharge-pumped Ne-like Ar laser emitting at 46.9 nm was combined with a wave division interferometer based on Lloyd's mirror and Sc-Si multilayer-coated optics to map the electron density in the cathode(More)
Soft-x-ray laser interferograms of laser-created plasmas generated at moderate irradiation intensities (1 x 10(11)-7 x 10(12) W cm(-2)) with lambda=1.06 microm light pulses of approximately 13-ns-FWHM (full width at half maximum) duration and narrow focus (approximately 30 microm) reveal the unexpected formation of an inverted density profile with a density(More)
For many years, researchers have envisioned the development of compact high repetition rate tabletop soft X-ray lasers that could be routinely used in application in numerous disciplines. With demonstrated average powers of several mW and mJ-level pulse energy at 46.9 nm, capillary discharge-pumped lasers are the first compact lasers to reach this goal. In(More)
R. Dissly, K. Kanizay, V. Petr, and D.J. Scheeres • Earth Sciences Department, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064 ( asphaug@es.ucsc.edu ), Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder CO, Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp., Boulder, CO, Dept. Mining Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden CO Dept.(More)
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