K. Kalaiselvi

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In this paper proposes a novel clustering algorithm for energy efficient routing based on a cluster head selection. To extend the lifetime of networks and it improves node energy efficiency, balances energy consumption of all sensor nodes, increases dependability of data transmission and remits network lifetime in comparison of existing clustering protocol.(More)
With the growing importance of electronic products in day-to-day life, the need for portable electronic products with low power consumption largely increases. In this paper, an area efficient high speed and low power Multiply Accumulator unit (MAC) with carry look-ahead adder (CLA) as final adder is being designed. In the same MAC architecture design in(More)
Space time block codes for multiple access channels with full diversity and low decoding complexity for any number of transmitters and one receiver with quantized feedback. We provide detail of our scheme for four transmitter and four antennas. Each transmitter sends code word to the receiver at the same time. First propose a codebook design and feedback(More)
In this paper, we present an efficient architecture for the implementation of a delayed least mean square Adaptive filter. For achieving lower adaptation-delay and area-delay-power, we use a novel partial product generator and propose an optimized balanced pipelining across the time-consuming combinational blocks of the structure.We propose an efficient(More)
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