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The biodegradation of lignin by fungi was studied in shake flasks using (14)C-labeled kraft lignin and in a deep-tank fermentor using unlabeled kraft lignin. Among the fungi screened, A. fumigatus-isolated in our laboratories-was most potent in lignin biotransformation. Dialysis-type fermentation, designed to study possible accumulation of low MW(More)
Today, perhaps the biggest area of concern in the transmission of signals is bandwidth and its availability. Speech synthesis means the production of a speech signal by using stored speech parameters. These parameters are generated by a process known as speech analysis. A popular technique used for speech analysis and synthesis is linear predictive coding(More)
Bagasse is the fibrous residue generated during sugar production and can be a desirable feedstock for fuel ethanol production. Excess bagasse left after satisfying the mills’ energy requirements can be used in a bioconversion process to make ethanol. A life cycle assessment (LCA) was conducted to quantify the environmental benefits of diverting excess(More)
Continuous culture was employed to study plasmid instability in an amylase-producing Bacillus subtilis 1A289 that was genetically manipulated. No true steady state could be obtained with 1A289(pEAA)-strain (plasmid)-due to its structural instability, which occurred both with glucose and Maltrin-100 as limiting carbon sources. The plasmid, pEAA (Cm(R),(More)
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