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In modern surgery of coronary arteries both surgical therapy of early stages of acute infarction and its surgical prophylaxis in preinfarction conditions seem to be quite feasible. 100 consecutive operations for ischemic heart disease are analysed. The principal type of surgery is a mammary coronary anastomosis. Among the mentioned patients one had a(More)
An analysis of the complex examination of 170 patients with ischemic diseases of the brain has been made. Seventy patients were operated upon. Operations either in brachiocephalic branches or extra-intracarotid shunts were performed corresponding to the three established levels of the injuries. The nearest and remote results were obtained in more than 80%(More)
The effects of fractional apparatus plasmapheresis in a volume of 25% of circulating blood plasma on the processes of lipid peroxidation and on the antioxidant defence system parameters were studied in 31 patients with ischemia of the lower limbs, stage III-IV. It has been shown that plasmapheresis induces elevation of ceruloplasmin activity and superoxide(More)
Microsurgical techniques permit high-quality intervascular anastomosis in small and mid-caliber arterial surgery of lower extremities. This improves immediate outcomes in surgical patients with obliterating atherosclerosis of lower extremities. Microsurgical femoropopliteal autovenous shunting in patients with ischemia of the third or fourth degree (by(More)
About 500 patients with ischemic brain lesions were studied. Out of them 201 patients underwent 230 operations: 140 extra-intracarotid bypass (EIB) and 90 various interventions on brachiocephalic branches. The study of cerebral hemodynamics by examining blood pressure in the central artery of the retina and middle cerebral artery during surgery, comparison(More)