K. K. Thyagharajan

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A challenging topic in computer based education is to provide personalization support for learners when e-learning takes place in an open and dynamic environment. By selecting and combining appropriate learning assets into a learning object a learner’s needs and preferences may be accounted for. Also by implementing web service in an adaptive learning(More)
As multimedia transmission requires a high network bandwidth and rigorous response time, the design of good network transmission system with high utilization of network resources is the key need. This paper investigates methods to obtain better transmission schedules and summarization schemes for browsing streaming video. It also aims to develop a(More)
Browsing streaming video quickly through Internet with in the available bandwidth is a challenging one and it is also time consuming. The user has to browse, view and listen to the complete video to identify relevant contents. Most of the video summarization techniques presented in research papers are suitable only for stand-alone environments. They are not(More)
This paper presents a method to recognize the action being performed by a human in a video. Applications like video surveillance, highlight extraction and video summarization require the recognition of the activities occurring in the video. The analysis of human activities in video is an area with increasingly important consequences from security and(More)
H.264 Advanced Video Coding (AVC) was prolonged to Scalable Video Coding (SVC). SVC executes in different electronics gadgets such as personal computer, HDTV, SDTV, IPTV, and full-HDTV in which user demands various scaling of the same content. The various scaling is resolution, frame rate, quality, heterogeneous networks, bandwidth, and so forth. Scaling(More)
H.264 advanced video coding (AVC) is prolonged to scalable video coding (SVC) for all categories of network transmission. Due to the adoption of exhaustive full search method, SVC computational complexity (CC) has increased when compared to AVC. To reduce the computational complexity, various fast mode decision (FMD) algorithms have been developed. In FMD(More)
In the recent era, due to the technological growth and requirement, various modern medical imaging equipments are developed with different imaging principles. Analyzing these images manually in different dimensions has been proven critical for physicians, biologists and radiologists to seek answers for diagnosis problems. Presently problems exists at each(More)