K K Reddy

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Although carotid endarterectomy is a common surgical procedure in North America, controversies exist regarding the type of anesthesia, the use of indwelling shunts and the need for intraoperative cerebral monitoring. We present a prospective study of 100 carotid endarterectomies performed over a three year period by a single surgeon without the use of(More)
The presence of multiple intracerebral arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) in a single patient has only been very rarely reported. We present a patient with three separate angiographically demonstrable intracerebral AVMs, all of which were radiologically demonstrated and surgically removed without residual neurological deficit. A literature survey was(More)
Slit ventricle syndrome is a poorly understood entity characterized by features of raised intracranial pressure and small ventricles in shunt-dependent hydrocephalics. Five patients with this syndrome were treated with antisiphon devices, high pressure shunts, or subtemporal decompression, but continued to be symptomatic. Third ventriculostomy, performed as(More)
Although posttraumatic syringomyelia is a well-established clinicopathological entity, there is a paucity of information on the ultrastructural features of this condition. This study documents the light and electron microscopic features of posttraumatic syringes obtained from two patients who underwent surgical cordectomy. The syringes were lined largely by(More)
Although excellent results currently are being achieved with transsphenoidal surgery, life-threatening complications may occasionally result from this approach. We present a patient with carotid injury sustained during transsphenoidal surgery, who presented 6 weeks postoperatively with a large false aneurysm in the cavernous part of the right internal(More)
Glossopharyngeal neuralgia is an uncommon craniofacial pain syndrome. An association with syncope is even less common. We report a case illustrating that the glossopharyngeal neuralgia-syncope syndrome can occur without pain in the sensory distribution of the glossopharyngeal nerve and that it can have similar consequences. We suggest that permanent cardiac(More)
Alkaptonuric ochronosis is a heritable disorder of tyrosine metabolism, with various systemic abnormalities related to pigment deposition and degeneration of collagen and other tissues, including the heart and aorta, though no cerebrovascular abnormalities have been reported. The authors report a patient with alkaptonuric ochronosis and multiple(More)
A case of cervical spine injury related to bungee jumping is presented. Surgical intervention resulted in resolution of the patient's quadriparesis. The incidence of serious injury connected with this pastime is not inconsiderable, and it is recommended that safer jumping practices be followed. Inspection of bungee equipment and certification of instructors(More)
Transsphenoidal surgery is currently performed extensively for lesions of the sella turcica. The mortality and morbidity of this surgical approach are minimal, and the results satisfactory overall. Only a few studies have addressed the complications of this approach. The authors present a retrospective study of 200 transsphenoidal procedures in 196 patients(More)
— This work deals with the approximate string search in large spatial databases. We investigate range queries augmented with a string similarity search predicate in both Euclidean space and road networks. We make this query the spatial approximate Existing (Apr 19, 2013) string (SAS) query. In Euclidean space, we propose an approximate solution MHR-tree,(More)