K. K. Rakesh

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— In this paper, a new explicit pulse triggered flip-flop (P-FF) design is implemented and simulated in GENERIC-TDK 130-nm technology. This explicit pulse triggered flip flop consist of a pulse generator and a true single phase clock latch based on a signal feed through scheme. The pulse generator is built with two CMOS inverters along with transmission(More)
Distracted driving is one of the main causes of vehicle collisions in the United States. Passively monitoring a driver's activities constitutes the basis of an automobile safety system that can potentially reduce the number of accidents by estimating the driver's focus of attention. This paper proposes an inexpensive vision-based system to accurately detect(More)
— Computing combined circuits and shortest cyclic paths between two given nodes in undirected graphs is a fundamental operation over graphs. While a number of techniques exist for answering computing circuits and approximating node distances efficiently in directed graphs, but the actual circuit calculations, their generations and shortest cyclic paths in(More)
––A hybrid cascaded multilevel inverter application for renewable energy resources including a reconfiguration technique is developed. Renewable energy resources (RES) have had increasing penetration levels for grid connected distributed generation (DG) in recent years. Photovoltaic, micro-turbine, wind turbine and fuel cell put forward many promising(More)
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