K. K. Rakesh

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Security and disaster alert dissemination showcase the key challenges faced by the fishing industry, mainly due to the lack of reliable communication means, and can pose serious threats to the lives of the fishermen. The fishing vessels, equipped with appropriate transceivers, can be considered as MANETs (Mobile Ad-hoc Networks) at sea, and communication(More)
In this paper, a new explicit pulse triggered flip-flop (P-FF) design is implemented and simulated in GENERIC-TDK 130-nm technology. This explicit pulse triggered flip flop consist of a pulse generator and a true single phase clock latch based on a signal feed through scheme. The pulse generator is built with two CMOS inverters along with transmission gate(More)
High-rise commercial and residential buildings are very common in today's modern cities and are subject to fires and gas leaks. When such buildings collapse, however, it is imperative that methods for the rescue and evacuation of residents be considered. This paper mainly focuses on detecting potential occurrences of cascading disasters due to fires and gas(More)
Distracted driving is one of the main causes of vehicle collisions in the United States. Passively monitoring a driver’s activities constitutes the basis of an automobile safety system that can potentially reduce the number of accidents by estimating the driver’s focus of attention. This paper proposes an inexpensive vision-based system to accurately detect(More)
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