K. K. Phang

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This paper proposes an optimistic concurrency control (CC) algorithm, called Sequential Order with Dynamic Adjustment (SODA), that guarantees timely and correct execution of concurrent transaction in Mobile P2P databases. In Mobile P2P, as every peer is fully autonomous, needs timely response and has inherent characteristics (mobility, low bandwidth,(More)
Phage therapy involves the application of lytic bacteriophages for treatment of clinical infections but bacterial resistance may develop over time. Isolated from nosocomial infections, small colony variants (SCVs) are morphologically distinct, highly virulent bacterial strains that are resistant to conventional antibiotics. In this study, SCVs was derived(More)
A campus-wide grid and cluster infrastructure using the Rocks clustering software is established. The infrastructure, namely Grid-Enabled Research Network and Info-structure of University of Malaya (GERANIUM), comprises five distinct clusters located at different faculties and institutes. In this paper, the GERANIUM topology and architecture are presented,(More)
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