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In this paper, based on data mining techniques, the analysis is carried out in hydrological daily discharge time series of the Panchratna station in the river Brahmaputra under Brahmaputra and Barak Basin Organization in India. The data has been The whole year is divided into three periods known as Pre-monsoon, Monsoon and Post Monsoon. In this paper, only(More)
This paper examines the flood recession pattern for the river discharge data in the river Brahmaputra basin. The months from October to December comes under the post monsoon season. In this paper, with the help of time series data mining techniques, the analysis has made for hydrological daily discharge time series data, measured at the Panchratna station(More)
In this study, attempts have been made to design preform for near net shape upsetting of gear forging using simulation techniques which is based on the filling of the material during closed die forging. Four types of preforms were tried. Using this parametric study, best die and process parameters are suggested for near net shape gear forging. In present(More)
The cloud computing is a recent field in the computational intelligence techniques which aims at surmounting the computational complexity and provides dynamically services using very large scalable and virtualized resources over the Internet. It is defined as a distributed system containing a collection of computing and communication resources located in(More)
Design of the optimum preform for near net shape manufacturing is a crucial step in upsetting process design. In this study, the same is arrived at using artificial neural networks (ANN) considering different unequal interfacial friction conditions between top and bottom die and billet interface. Back propagation neural networks are trained based on finite(More)
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