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Comprehensive ascertainment of all possible new cases of stroke appearing between January 1, 1970 and June 30, 1971, and admitted to three major hospitals in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has been achieved by reviewing the Manitoba Health Services Commission claim reports. The medical records of these cases were reviewed, pertinent data were abstracted, and rigid(More)
Survival and factors affecting survival were studied in 1,484 new cases of acute definite stroke occurring between Jan 1, 1970, and June 30, 1971, in Manitoba. The 962 infarctions, 279 hemorrhages, and 243 unidentified strokes were ascertained from hospital claim reports. Personal, clinical, and laboratory data were collected from hospital medical records,(More)
Using the life table method, 962 cases of infarction, 279 cases of hemorrhage, and 243 cases of undetermined type of stroke, occurring in Manitoba between Jan 1, 1970, and June 30, 1971, were analyzed for factors affecting survival. Survival until Dec 31, 1973, was found to be adversely affected by the presence of coma or unconsciousness and the absence of(More)
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