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OBJECTIVE To investigate the incidence of gout and the interaction between uric acid level and other risk factors in the development of gout. METHODS Two hundred twenty-three asymptomatic hyperuricemic men initially studied in 1991-92 were reassessed in 1996-97. Gout was clinically diagnosed by a senior rheumatologist based on history and physical(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore gender differences in the relationship of serum uric acid levels with fasting serum insulin and fasting plasma glucose concentrations among an adult Chinese nondiabetic population in Kinmen, Taiwan. METHODS A total of 7,483 nondiabetic subjects (4,265 women, 3,218 men, aged 30 to 89 years) were involved in a community based(More)
This study aims at investigating the effects of MSW incinerator fly ash (FA) and bottom ash (BA) on the anaerobic co-digestion of OFMSW with FA or BA. It also simulates the biogas production from various dosed and control bioreactors. Results showed that suitable ashes addition (FA/MSW 10 and 20 g L(-1) and BA/MSW 100 g L(-1)) could improve the MSW(More)
Chlorination has been the major means of disinfecting drinking water in Taiwan. The use of chlorinated water has been hypothesized to lead to several adverse birth outcomes, including low birth weight and preterm delivery. We performed a study to examine the relationship between the use of chlorinated water and adverse birth outcomes in Taiwan. The study(More)
This study aimed to investigate the effects of eight metals on the anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) in bioreactors. Anaerobic bioreactors containing 200 mL MSW mixed completely with 200 m L sludge seeding. Ca and K (0, 1000, 2000 and 6,000 mg L(-1)) and Cr, Ni, Zn, Co, Mo and W (0, 5, 50 and 100 mg  L(-1)) of(More)
Past reports of the water relations of epiphytes, particularly bromeliads, indicate that tissue osmotic potentials in these tropical and subtropical plants are very high (close to zero) and are similar to values for aquatic plants. This is puzzling because several ecophysiological studies have revealed a high degree of drought stress tolerance in some of(More)
Enterocytozoon bieneusi is the most common microsporidian parasite recognized in human patients with AIDS. Recently, we identified a virtually identical organism causing a spontaneous infection associated with hepatobiliary and intestinal disease in simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV)-infected macaques. To examine the natural history of the infection, we(More)
Smad proteins mediate the transforming growth factor beta responses. C-terminal phosphorylation of R-Smads leads to the recruitment of Smad4 and the formation of active signaling complexes. We investigated the mechanism of phosphorylation-induced Smad complex formation with an activating pseudo-phosphorylated Smad3. Pseudo-phosphorylated Smad3 has a greater(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of context on reaching performance in neurologically impaired and intact populations. Context was varied by the presence or absence of objects used to complete a task. DESIGN A counterbalanced repeated-measures design. SETTING A motor control laboratory in a university setting. PARTICIPANTS Fourteen persons with stroke(More)
SMAD proteins are known to oligomerize and hetero-associate during their activation and translocation to the nucleus for transcriptional control. Analytical ultracentrifuge studies on Smad3 and Smad4 protein constructs are presented to clarify the model of homo- and hetero-oligomerization and the role of phosphorylation in the activation process. These(More)