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Irrigating wounds with solutions of antiseptic or antibiotic agents is routinely performed in orthopaedic surgery to reduce the incidence of microbial infection. The effects of these agents on healthy bone tissue is unknown. Three commonly employed antiseptic agents (hydrogen peroxide, Betadine solution, Betadine scrub) and one antibiotic solution(More)
The effects of medium pH were tested on calvariae, tibiae, and osteoblast-like cells from chick embryos. Bones and isolated cells were incubated for 5 h or 2 days in Hepes-buffered medium at pH values ranging from 6.8 to 8.2. Osteoblast function was evaluated by lactate production, oxygen consumption, alkaline phosphatase activity (AlPase), Ca and inorganic(More)
The effect of medium pH on the activity of cultured human osteoblasts was investigated in this study. Osteoblasts derived from explants of human trabecular bone were grown to confluence and subcultured. The first-pass cells were incubated in Hepes-buffered media at initial pHs adjusted from 7.0 to 7.8. Osteoblast function was evaluated by measuring lactate(More)
This study investigates the efficacy of using hydrogen peroxide as adjuvant therapy after extended local curettage for benign giant cell tumors of bone. Hydrogen peroxide is used clinically as a chemical adjuvant for removal of residual tumor cells, presumably by effervescent cleansing with minimal damage to surrounding soft tissue and bone cells. This(More)
Heterotopic ossification is a common complication in which bone develops in soft tissues. Although frequently benign, in some patients the condition becomes painful, restricts motion, and requires surgical intervention. This condition and the cells responsible for it are poorly characterized. Using cell culture techniques, this study compares the(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of using high vacuum, thermal evaporation to deposit thin films of Ti-6Al-4V onto plates for subsequent cell culture investigations. Osteoblastic response to thin-film coated plates was compared to that of cells grown on Ti alloy disk inserts and uncoated culture plates. The Ti alloy disks were(More)
A novel homologous series of bis(carbonyl)amidothiadiazole sulfonamides has been synthesized for structure-activity relationship studies, and initial characterization has been performed. The goal was synthesis of thiadiazole derivatives with appropriate lipid and water solubilities for utility as topically (corneal application) active carbonic anhydrase(More)
This paper describes a technique for quantitative analysis of 2-oxoglutarate (alpha-ketoglutarate) in biological samples using liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection (LC-EC). This method utilizes a simplified, efficient sample preparation designed to select for 2-oxoglutarate and similar compounds by derivatization with phenylhydrazine. The(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the viability of the abductor muscles following extensile exposures to the acetabulum in the presence of superior gluteal artery (SGA) or vein (SGV) injury. DESIGN In vivo animal study. INTERVENTION Twenty-two dogs underwent either an extensile or combined two-incision acetabular approach; either the SGA, the SGV, or no vessel was(More)
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