K K Gundlach

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A total of 63 laterally situated partial clefts of the lip were studied. The biopsies obtained during the first operation were evaluated histologically. With a special stain, the fibre of the orbicularis oris muscle were demonstrated and their arrangement in relation to the cleft lip was recorded. The results indicate a close relationship between type and(More)
This is a review of the cleft lip repair of 232 patients. Three groups were compared, one repaired according to the Hagedorn-Le Mesurier-Steffensen technique, another by the Tennison method and a third using the Pfeifer wave-line procedure. Muscular union was best following Pfeifer's wave-line procedure. Both the Hagedorn-Le Mesurier-Steffensen and the(More)
The aim of this study was to answer the question: is it possible to save motor nerves when dissecting tissue with the hydro-jet dissector? In order to study the influence of the hydro-jet on motor nerves the function of the sciatic nerves of 10 Wistar rats was evaluated. The sciatic nerves were dissected bilaterally and only the left one was exposed to the(More)
Out of 2,829 cleft patients of Nordwestdeutsche Kieferklinik Hamburg 356 were found to have additional pathologic findings in the head and neck area. It was noted that the greater the dimension of the cleft, the greater the number of concomitant anomalies. However, the severity of the additional malformation could not be correlated to the severity of(More)
A total of 353 children with cleft lips and palates were examined with regard to the morphology of the tissue surrounding the clefts in the lip, jaw, and palate. Photographs, radiograms (panoramic views of the maxilla), and study models were taken prior to operation. Results indicate a close relationship between the degree and condition of the cleft and the(More)
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