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One motivation of grid computing is to aggregate the power of widely distributed resources, and provide non-trivial services to users. To achieve this goal, an efficient grid fault tolerance system is an essential part of the grid. Rather than covering the whole grid fault tolerance area, this survey provides a review of the subject mainly from the(More)
The ileum generally works well, whereas Meckel's diverticulum (MD) has complications including bleeding, obstruction, intussusception, diverticulitis, and perforation. Our knowledge of the pathological features of the MD muscular layer and mucosa is limited. We report a rare case of giant MD that was diagnosed by double-balloon enteroscopy (DBE). The(More)
To investigate the clinical utility of intra operative plain radiographs in cochlear implant surgery. Eighty consecutive adult and pediatric cochlear implant operations at a facility capable of intra operative radiographs were evaluated over 06 months. A carefully designed study to evaluate the performance of individuals who received the Nucleus 22-channel(More)
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