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The method of having detected the boundaries of a shot automatically in a stream of video is referred as shot boundary detection (SBD). This paper presents a novel method of shot boundary detection, based on the JND (Just Noticeable Difference) color histogram. Using JND color model, for every two consecutive frames in a video, histograms are computed and(More)
E-mail is one of the most widely used ways of written communication over the internet, and its traffic has increased exponentially with the advent of World Wide Web. The increase in email traffic comes also with an increase in the use of emails for illegitimate purpose. Phishing, Spamming, email bombing, threatening, cyber bullying, racial vilification,(More)
Iris recognition is a challenging task in a noisy imaging environment. Nowadays researcher's primary focus is to develop reliable Iris recognition System that can work in noisy imaging environment and to increase the iris recognition rate on different iris database. But there are major issues involved in designing such systems like occlusion by eyelashes,(More)
In color aerial images, shadows appearing in images may cause false color tones, loss of feature information, and shape distortion of objects, which affects further image processing tasks. Hence, shadow detection is one of the challenging tasks in image processing. In this paper, we will study basics of shadows and different types of shadows which can(More)
In this paper, two different approaches to color binning and subsequent JNS (Just Not the Same) color histogram computation are discussed. The First approach is based on a Neural Network Color Classifier trained using error back prorogation training algorithm. The second approach is based on heuristically designed fuzzy classifier using fuzzy if-then rules(More)
The Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP) is emerging as a potential hybrid routing algorithm. By using two kinds of routing protocol i.e. IARP and IERP, ZRP not only abates control overhead, but also minimizes end-to-end delay. The resent research on performance of ZRP indicates that routing overhead is still a significant issue and need more improvements. In this(More)
Email is a fast and well-liked communication medium on the internet. Email users are rapidly increased due to easy availability of internet. Email is used for personal as well as official communications. It is also used for illegitimate activities such as phishing, spamming, abusing, and threatening. Email mining gives the better solution to this problem.(More)
The performance of the semantic concept detection method depends on, the selection of the low-level visual features used to represent key-frames of a shot and the selection of the feature-fusion method. This paper proposes a set of low-level visual features of considerably smaller size and also proposes novel 'hybrid-fusion' and 'mixed-hybrid-fusion'(More)