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This study investigated the effect offoreign accent and speakingrate on native speaker comprehension. The speakers for the study were three native speakers of Chinese, with TSE (Test of Spoken English) comprehensibility scores of 180,200, and 260, and one native speaker ofAmerican English. The speakers each read passages at three different speaking rates.(More)
An amino acid possessing a maleimide side chain was developed and synthesized in good yield. With a propensity to undergo the Michael addition reaction, the creation of a maleimide amino acid derivative was targeted for use as a highly functional tool for enabling peptide conjugation and structural modifications. After addressing the inherent potential side(More)
A synthetic amino acid bearing a furan functionality was developed and incorporated into peptide sequences using solid phase synthesis. Peptides expressing the furan moiety were attached to poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) hydrogels through a thermally reversible covalent bond formed by a Diels-Alder reaction. Reactions of thiol and maleimide PEG macromers in an(More)
Other than measuring relative efficiency, DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) has been used in a number of other ways to elaborate further on the performance of individual units or to ascertain how the units could become more efficient. Also researchers have developed methods for using DEA as a ranking model. We classified DEA ranking models into two categories(More)
We report a new approach to controlled drug release based upon exploiting the dynamic equilibrium that exists between Diels-Alder reactants and products, demonstrating the release of a furan containing dexamethasone peptide (dex-KGPQG-furan) from a maleimide containing hydrogel. Using a reaction-diffusion model, the release kinetics were tuned to achieve(More)
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