K. Jin Kim

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EGFR and c-Met are both overexpressed in lung cancer and initiate similar downstream signaling, which may be redundant. To determine how frequently ligands that initiate signaling of both pathways are found in lung cancer, we analyzed serum for hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), transforming growth factor-alpha, and amphiregulin (AREG) in lung cancer cases and(More)
Medulloblastomas are malignant brain tumors that arise by transformation of neural progenitor cells in the cerebellum in children. Treatment-related neurotoxicity has created a critical need to identify signaling molecules that can be targeted therapeutically to maximize tumor growth suppression and minimize collateral neurologic injury. In genetically(More)
This study describes the identification of seven amino acid residues of the vascular cell adhesion molecule (VCAM-1) that influence binding to the ot4/31 receptor. Using recombinant murine VCAM-1-IgG, which is bound by both mouse (WEHI 231) and human (Ramos) lymphoid cells, two approaches demonstrated the crucial role of the first two NH2-terminal Ig-like(More)
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