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several federal agencies including USDA is problematic and questions whether this system will measure up when it is asked to inspire public confidence and provide the scientific community with adequate guidance. Val Giddings, vice president of agriculture for the Biotechnology Industry Organization (Washington, DC, USA), says that although the USDA review(More)
Plains, NJ) announced an agreement to acquire Agouron Pharmaceuticals (San Diego, CA) in a stock deal worth $2.1 billion. As a result, WL will gain Agouron’s drug discovery technology; the top-selling HIV protease inhibitor, Viracept; and six compounds in development, including the matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor (MMPI) AG3340 for cancer, and the AIDS(More)
firm created in March, aims to raise £110 million (US$176M) and start up 40 biotechnology firms over the next 10 years. Managing Director Andrew Newland plans to assemble management teams around UK university technologies that have been selected for commercial potential. He hopes the business plans formulated will attract early-stage venture capital.(More)
Rhinoceros horn—the natural, but politically incorrect version of viagra—can now be protected from poachers using DNA technology. Scientists at the National Institute of Immunology in India (NII; New Delhi) have just completed six months of tests on a DNA detection device that has not only been shown to detect rhino horn but also to tell whether the(More)
European Commissioner for Research Philippe Busquin has appointed 11 European scientists from different public research institutes to be part of the Biosciences High Level Group (BHLG), a new advisory body that will represent the EU bioscience research community in dialogs with the public. According to Axel Kahn, chair of BHLG and a senior scientist at the(More)
On 28 February, the Indian government announced a biotech R&D budget increase of Rs.360 million ($8 million) to Rs.1.86 billion for public research institutes and universities for the coming financial year. There will also be a hefty tax exemption for biotech companies whereby Rs.150 can be deducted from taxable income for every Rs.100 spent on R&D. “This(More)
VOLUME 26 NUMBER 4 APRIL 2008 NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY Most osteoporosis therapies act by inhibiting osteoclast-mediated bone resorption (Table 1). Although they prevent further bone loss, they also inhibit new bone formation, as osteoblasts fail to receive the correct activation signals (Box 1; Table 2). Denosumab has the same shortcoming, as it also works by(More)
http://biotech.nature.com • OCTOBER 2001 • VOLUME 19 • nature biotechnology 895 In a move designed to encourage agbiotech innovation but prevent multinational companies from controlling the country’s seed business, India has introduced new seed legislation that protects the rights of both plant breeders and farmers. As such, the Plant Variety Protection and(More)
As the dust settles on 2007’s stock market performance, two things are clear. First, the European biotech sector lost significant value compared with the US industry. Second, though things were sour in the EU overall, the UK industry was by far the weakest performer in Europe. The numbers show that European biotech stock prices fell by 23% on average, says(More)