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Inbred lines from different varieties of cultivated plants characterized by a white yellow irregular pattern on the leaves obtained after selection in the inbred generation (S3) of winter rye (Secale cereale L.) were the object of the present studies. The feature of a white yellow irregular pattern in all lines was monomeric and recessive. This trait in(More)
We present the construction of the optical part of the ToF (time-of-flight) subdetector prototype for the AFP (ATLAS Forward Proton) detector. The ToF detector in conjunction with a 3D silicon pixel tracker will tag and measure protons originating in central exclusive interactions p + p → p + X + p, where the two outgoing protons are scattered in the very(More)
In situ [H]rRNA-DNA hybridization showed that: (1) during the cell cycle in antheridial filaments of Chara vulgaris the rDNA gene content doubles during a 2h period in mid-S-phase, which corresponds to about 13 % of the duration of this phase; (2) doubling of the number of grains occurs during mid-S-phase irrespective of the developmental stage of the(More)
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