K Jagadeesh

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS The true incidence of penetration of the posterior wall (through-and-through puncture) of the internal jugular vein (IJV) during cannulation is unknown. This may have implications if there is hematoma formation, penetration and/or inadvertent cannulation of an underlying carotid artery. This study compared the incidence of posterior wall(More)
Background: Convulsion is a condition where in the muscles of the body contract and relaxes rapidly and repeatedly resulting in an uncontrolled shaking of the body .It is often a symptom of the epileptic seizure. Gap junctions play an important role in the generation and spread of the epileptic seizures .Quinidine being one of the gap junction blockermay(More)
Background: Thyroid carcinoma is one of the common cancers affecting the women in their young age. They vary from being indolent to aggressive cancers. Improvements in diagnostics and understanding the pathophysiology have made the treatment more effective with good long-term results. Objective: To study the clinical presentation and management of carcinoma(More)
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