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Central neurocytoma was first described in the literature in 1982 and has been noted to be a benign neuronal tumor usually located in the ventricular system. Of the more than 100 reported cases, only seven recurrences have been reported, all of which have been local. The authors report two cases of recurrent central neurocytoma that disseminated through the(More)
A patient with low-grade lymphoma presented 8 months after autologous marrow transplantation with dizziness, aphasia and hemiparesis. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed an abnormal T2 signal in the frontoparietal region unilaterally. Biopsy of the area demonstrated progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy positive for JC virus and p53. Treatment with(More)
The binding of camptothecin (CPT) to the DNA-topoisomerase complex is reversible, but it needs to be maintained for maximal inhibitory activity. It is also dependent on the chemical structure of CPT. The lactone form is thought to be necessary for the activity. In human serum, the equilibrium between lactone and carboxylate is in favor of the latter. For(More)
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